Cassette design 
Sovnya — Crawling Above From Below
The Crawling Above From Below j-card features an image of a helmet laying in a bed of flowers. The helmet itself is hand forged (see blow) by me; using armature welding, fire from a kiln, and a hammer. The attached chin mail was also hand linked. The image quality of the photograph is created by photocopying and scanning in the printed image to be further designed with. Inside the cover there is an image of all four members of Sovnya wearing the helmet.
Photographs of hand forged helmet 

Shiverboard — Amphibian Fruit Punch 
The j-card of Amphibian Fruit Punch features an analog collage. Assembled with cut outs of various books and magazines, the images pertain to the subject matter of the tracks, such as frogs, chainsaws, and a river of ice. This release was a limited run promotional tape for their upcoming album Hacksaw Morissette.
AR-15 — Crown Vic EP
The CROWN VIC EP j-card features a photograph of the front-man's Ford Crown Vic car that was taken in a gravel parking lot with foliage in the back round. The design for the j-card was hand screen printed on construction paper. I created this design in high school and is still one of my favorite cover designs that I have done.

Other work

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