Bill Evans
Jazz and Abstract Expressionism
Bill Evans: Jazz and Abstract Expressionism, is a book designed to explain the similarities of a music genre with its fine art counterpart. These movements occurred contemporaneously in the early to middle 20th Century. Both blossomed to keep pace intellectually with the ever-evolving fields of psychology and intellectual thought.
Using photos of the late Jazz legend, Bill Evans, as well as Jackson Pollock's paintings, this book draws similarities and gives a brief history of both Jazz and Abstract Expressionism. The book then delves into Bill's career, his time with Miles Davis, his time as a solo artist, and his tragic death.
In Cold Blood
by Truman Capote
Truman Capote's In Cold Blood dust jacket and Book Design. The jacket is typographically driven with the title written in dripping ink texture written on the front of the book and the spine. The first flap features a shot gun: the object that instigates the story, and the second flap feature a noose: the object that ends the story. The uncovered book is designed to resemble a church pew Bible, as reference to pastor Herb Clutter, who was the father of the murdered family who's death instigates the events of the book.
Philip K. Dick Trilogy
Three iconic Philip K. Dick books uniquely designed and encased in a slip case. Each book cover features a hand drawn illustration of an object or symbol pertaining to the book. Each illustrated figure shares an expressionless face, and also leaves behind a long dark shadow. Dick, in his fiction, explores an accelerated evolution of issues that occur in our present day. In the face of a bright future often comes equally terrifying problems.

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